“Will Work for Compliments”



 -PSALM 118:8

When we see ourselves how God sees us, we have no room to criticize ourselves or others. When we believe lies and not God’s truth, we try to find ways to lift ourselves up or get others to speak something positive about us. That is called pride. Whether intentional or not, it is pride and it is not how God intended us to function. He desires us to spend time with Him to discover who we are and who He’s really called us to be. When we are operating out of insecurity, it is difficult to be humble. Although that may sound contradicting, it actually makes perfect sense when you think about it. If I am constantly unsure about who I am and am looking to others for some sort of validation instead of looking to God’s word, there is no doubt that I will constantly be let down or discouraged. Not because we try to hurt each other but just simply because we are human and no human can give another the true validation they need. Only God can fulfill that; only God can truly satisfy that need. So, if I am constantly being let down by others, of course pride will creep in at some point, because I feel offended that others do not value me or see me the way I think they ought. There may also be a time of self-pity before reaching that offended stage. A time where you start to begin those lies in your head… you think, “Well, if they aren’t thankful for all my hard-work, I must’ve not worked hard enough to earn their compliments.” So you work harder, just to be disappointed again and again and realize that it doesn’t matter how much you do, no one ever really appreciates you the way you think you should be appreciated. Again… pride. True self-confidence comes from God. It comes from knowing what He thinks about you and believing it. When we operate in that way, we don’t need validation from anyone else because it doesn’t matter. So we are no longer working for compliments; we are confident in who we are and in who God says we are. We feel fully loved and don’t allow the disappointment of others to rule over our thoughts or feelings. This is called freedom, and it’s where life begins.

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